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Fusion Scripting™

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Course Launch - 4/13 

Program Description

Do you find yourself trapped in a cycle of negative patterns, unable to break free and achieve the goals you've set for yourself? Introducing Fusion Scripting, a proprietary and innovative cognitive restructuring technique designed to help you conquer deep-seated negative belief systems that hold you back.


In this transformative program, you take on the roles of producer, director, screenwriter, and actor in your own life story. You'll rewrite your narrative and forge a new identity capable of bringing your reimagined story to life.


Embrace the opportunity to leave limiting beliefs behind and step into a world of success and fulfillment with Fusion Scripting. Your journey to personal growth begins here.

Course Overview

Script the life you deserve and build the identity to power it.  This Fusion Scripting Creative Cognitive Restructuring Course is a fun, immersive, and creative process that will assist you in bringing your unconscious behaviors and beliefs to light, identifying their root cause, and begin reversing the unconscious patterns and behaviors that limit the quality of your life.  


The self-directed course that blends psychology, the psyche, and script development will guide you on how to craft a new identity and aspirational story that will greatly expand your understanding of self and provide a framework and tools to tap into your true potential and power your dream life. 

  • This Five-Part Course Includes 24 episodes:

  • Prequel: Uncovering Your Backstory & Beliefs

  • Act One: Identifying and Committing to Your Goals

  • Act Two: Rewiring Your Mind & Crafting Your New Story & Identity

  • Act Three: Activating Your New Identity & Powering Your Story

  • Visual Imprints: Creating the Mindmapping Pictures and Roadmap

Pre-Purchase the Course w/ Bonuses

Course launch: April 13th, 2024

Pre-Launch Course Purchase

  • Fast action bonuses worth $500:

    + $100 off the full course price of $698 ($598)

    ​+ Exclusive early access to the Fusion prequel workbook and guide with pre-launch opt-in

    + Maximize and accelerate your course benefits with live 30-minute bi-weekly group coaching and check-ins starting in August leading up to the course launch on April 13th with Fernanda Carapinha. 

    + Full access to the exclusive pre-launch coaching session recordings

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