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Founder DNA™

Service Description

The Founder DNA™ program is a comprehensive mind/body approach to the crucial aspect of leadership development that prepares founders to thrive and excel throughout the startup journey. It encompasses the unique combination of skills, experiences, and values that define a founder's leadership style. To cultivate a strong Founder DNA, there are several key elements the program focuses on:
Self-awareness: Developing a deep understanding of oneself is vital in building Founder DNA. This includes recognizing our strengths, weaknesses, values, beliefs, and motivations. Founders can achieve self-awareness through introspection, seeking feedback from others, and engaging in self-reflection.
Vision and purpose: A robust Founder DNA is characterized by a clear and compelling vision for the company, as well as a sense of purpose that goes beyond mere profit-making. Founders driven by a sense of mission are often more resilient and better equipped to navigate the challenges of startup life.
Adaptive leadership: Cultivating Founder DNA also requires developing adaptive leadership skills. Founders must adjust to changing circumstances and effectively lead in various situations. This includes honing skills such as communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and team building.
Continuous learning: Founders with strong DNA are committed to lifelong learning and personal and professional growth. This involves seeking new experiences and challenges, reading widely, attending conferences, and networking events, and engaging in ongoing education and training.
Self-care: Building a business is not a sprint but a long journey that requires discipline, strong boundaries, and self-care.  The program supports the mental, physical, and emotional demands that the founder's journey requires to make it to the finish line. 
In summary, building Founder DNA entails nurturing self-awareness, establishing a clear and compelling vision and purpose, honing adaptive leadership skills, and committing to continuous learning and growth. By concentrating on these elements, through courses, content, experiential learning, tech simulation, and coaching founders can create a solid foundation for leading their companies to success.

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